Janhvi kapoor

Earrings that are inspired by Janhvi Kapoor and suitable to wear with a saree.

Assortment of Earrings

The collection of earrings by Janhvi is perfect for pairing with sarees. Check out her incredible collection now.

crystal earring

Anybody looking for something basic yet elegant can consider wearing rhinestone earrings. It is worn by Jahnvi with a basic saree.

huge chandelier

Janhvi is sporting a straightforward floral saree and a sizable chandelier earring. The earrings complement the rest of the ensemble and are fairly eye-catching.

teardrop-shaped stud earrings

Just the right finishing touch is provided by these studded teardrop earrings. Janhvi elegantly wears it with her saree.

enormous drop earrings

 Janhvi is sporting a pair of stopper-topped, spherical, circular drop earrings. The silver on the earrings and the clothes are complementary tones of silver.

drop earrings with three layers

Do you wish to jazz up your ears while maintaining a refined appearance? Ready to wear are these drop earrings. The way Janhvi styled it with a saree was stunning.

Janhvi’s Earring

Janhvi has an impressive collection of earrings that are perfect to wear with sarees.

janhvi kapoor

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