Haircare Routine For Thick Hair By Mrunal Thakur

Hair spa 

Mrunal Make certain she schedules a spa visit each month to unwind her hair and scalp.

Mild Shampoo

Although many ingredients are incorporated into hair during styling, Mrunal chooses a gentle shampoo to counteract this.

Aloe Vera Use

Aloe vera serves as a natural conditioner and gives hair the lustre and softness it needs, thus the "Sita Ramam" actress applies it to her hair.

Hair Straightener

Mrunal avoids using heat-activated styling equipment on days when she is not filming because heat can harm your hair.

Scalp Care

Every time Mrunal isn't shooting, she oils her hair. She strengthens her scalp by rubbing coconut oil on it.


Mrunal Thakur has long, thick hair that she has experimented with many different hairstyles, and which always enhances the way she looks. Let's examine her haircare regimen.