pooja hegde

Eid eye makeup inspired by Pooja Hegde

Lined eyes

Because Pooja thinks that less is more, she applies a flawless liner on top of a brown base that is kept to a minimum.

Smokey eyes

Here is the eye makeup that completes the look and works with any dress. Brown smokey eyes and an off-white dress are both worn by Pooja Hegde.

smokey-colored eyes

This eye makeup style is quite elegant. The pink family of colours is represented in this outfit. The eye is kept muted generally, but the edge has a pink smokey appearance.

Blank eyes

You must attempt Pooja Hegde's nude eye makeup look because she is the queen of it. It may be made quickly and matches any outfit.

gradient eyes in orange

The clothing here is complemented by the orange colour. The eyes appear bigger because of the darker brown tone on the edges and underneath them.

Dark metallic eyes

Pooja's clothing is blingy and glossy, which nicely suits her eye makeup and makes her eyes pop out. She has sparse lashes and applied silver shimmery black makeup to the lid.

Pooja’s Eye Makeup

Pooja Pooja Hegde has always drawn a lot of attention for her beauty choices. It is both subtle and obvious at the same time. See out her beautiful eye makeup looks for this Eid.

pooja hegde

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