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Skin-Glorifying Secrets of Sargun Mehta

Be content

An unappreciated But it's a good point. Being content can help reduce stress, which causes a lot of skin-related issues.

wholesome juices

Although Sargun is a voracious eater and enjoys eating junk food, she selects healthy juices to keep her balance, which is a major contributing element to her glowing skin.

eschews makeup

Her social media accounts indicate that she does not wear makeup at home since she feels that our skin needs a break from chemicals.

Cleansing twice

The Punjabi actress makes it a point to wash her face twice a day. This keeps dirt from accumulating on her face and keeps her skin clear.

Sunscreen is essential

Sargun needs to film outside a lot, therefore she routinely covers her face in sunscreen to prevent damage from UV rays.

Put lotion on your body

When necessary, Sargun Mehta applies a moisturiser. She moisturises and hydrates her skin since it makes her skin look more radiant.

Sargun's Secrets to Beauty

Let's have a look at Sargun Mehta's beauty secrets. Sargun Mehta is a true beauty in and of herself. Her skin is so bright that we desire to have it too. Continue tapping

sargun mehta

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